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General & Administrative

Advancing the kingdom of God takes effort. There are a host of important ministries that serve the communications, public relations, and other operational needs of the church. 

  • Church Clerk

  • Church Treasurer

  • Communications

  • Deaconesses

  • Deacons

  • Elders

Life Style

Ministry is not always one-size-fits-all. These “life stage” based ministries provide engaging activities and support to help meet your spiritual, emotional and social needs. 

  • Children's Ministry

  • Young Adult Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  • Women's Ministry

  • Family Life Ministry

  • Godpreneurs


Spiritual support, comfort, advocacy and access to resources are just a few of the services offered, both locally and globally, by this group of ministries. 

  • Evangelism

  • Community Service

  • Better Place Ministries

Worship Service

Giving God the Praise, Worship He deserves is our collective mission at each worship service. Whether through song, dance, or a warm greeting, these ministries truly enhance our services. 

  • Music Ministry

  • Media Ministry

  • Ushers/Greeters

  • Musicians

Member Care & Support

Caring for others is an important element of church life. These ministries focus on the health, wellness, spiritual foundation, inclusion and accessibility of members and the community. 

  • Prayer Ministry

  • Health Ministry

  • Hospitality Ministry

Growth & Development

Life is full of opportunities and challenges for us all. This group of ministries provides the spiritual tools God gives to prepare us for life’s battles and victories. 

  • Sabbath School

  • Pathfinders

At Living Waters Worship Center, we have a variety of ministries that cater to all ages. We strive to help you and your family grow closer to God through exciting, spiritual experiences. But it doesn’t end there. We invite you to serve others too! Through ministries at Living Waters Worship Center, you can expect to be challenged in your own life while helping others along the way.
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