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Christian Nationalism, Adventism, and Prophecy

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In the recent political climate there has arisen a new level of cooperation between evangelical and civil leaders that appears to place Christianity at the center of political influence. This kind of Christian Nationalism is the type Adventists have spoken of prophetically. Unfortunately, many Adventists are caught up or involved in it.

The challenge of placing one’s Christian identity ahead of one’s faith is the same one the church faced when German Adventists were attracted to Hitler, or more recently, with the Rwandan genocide when Adventists killed fellow Adventists. The challenge remains a perpetual danger for Christians, including Adventists, thereby blurring the distinction between Christian and American identities. Christian Nationalism moves beyond merely being patriotic, to a distinctive worldview that prioritizes, or seeks to impose, Christianity upon the public sphere. It furthermore creates boundaries and hierarchies that promote authoritarian control, racial insensitivity, militarism, and more. This conference, jointly sponsored by a number of denominational and professional entities, seeks to better identify, describe, and prescribe through thoughtful papers and discussion what this means for the Seventh-day Adventist Church today and into the future.

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